Investigation before granting the credit

When the risks and the amounts become significant, it is useful to be able to count on specialized tools for the accurate assessment of the sustainability and solvency of a company that integrate traditional scoring systems. In fact, customers are often inclined to conceal their financial issues in order to appear reliable business partners knowing that between the occurrence of critical events and their formalization, a lot of time will pass.

Before granting “important” credit lines or starting new partnerships, it is always advisable to do some investigations to minimize the disproportion of information between the parties.
The preliminary investigation carried out by Reporting System guarantees the collection of all the necessary information that enables the evaluation of current and future partners and directs the management of the relationships and sales opportunity.

Who is this targeted to

Who can benefit most from our solution?

  • CEOs, Managing Directors and all those who cover senior roles
  • CFO
  • Credit Manager
  • Commercial Directors
  • Risk Manager
  • Directors,administrative and financial managers
  • Credit Specialist
  • Credit Analysts

Why opt for this Reporting System solution?

  • To learn about facts and events unknown to other systems and most of all to get to know them before others
  • Because assessments are made by expert analysts who also take into account confidential information (no algorithms or automatic scoring systems)
  • For direct consultancy with the analyst
  • Analysts verify and interpret the information collected based on our clients’ needs
  • Because it does not replace but integrates databases where values are important and information becomes strategic

Case History

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