Beyond real time

Since 1989, our “investigation” team has been able to offer, in real time, a personalized service valued in the market.

Thirty years have passed since we opened our offices, and since then the Core Business of Reporting System has always been the same: to provide clients with accurate information, recommendations, news and any other type of data that can help executives and managers to make informed and strategic choices.

The business world is like a chessboard where, before each move, it is necessary to anticipate all the possible moves that the other pieces (competitors, suppliers and potential partners) could make. Our goal is to provide our clients with (official and confidential) information that is up-to-date, secure and reliable, that sheds light on possible risks of financial, economic and legal nature, as well as business opportunities: a snapshot of the company that allows the observer to know the real situation before anyone else.

We offer immediate and personalized assistance to all those who experience the need for quality information


Thanks to a broaden experience in various fields, we are able to interact with various stakeholders, providing solutions to their needs, critical tasks and priorities through exclusive tools and services designed specifically to meet their needs. But who is the Reporting System consulting service targeted to?


Chief Financial Officer


CFOs are among our main stakeholders. But why are they interested in Reporting System solutions? The reason is that they need the most up-to-date information possible and to promptly have short and concise reports relevant to specific cases.

Credit Manager/Credit Specialist


Other professionals that need our support are Credit Manager / Credit Specialist. But why are they interested in Reporting System solutions? Because they require in-depth analysis that allow them to have the most up-to-date information possible and to have guarantees on the confidentiality.

Risk & Fraud Manager


The Risk & Fraud Manager are also potential Reporting System clients. But why are they interested in our solutions? Because it requires up-to-date data to minimize losses and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a business..

Commercial Directors / Purchasing Directors


Among our main clients are the Commercial Directors / Purchasing Directors. But why are they interested in Reporting System solutions? Because they need information from different sources (confidential) and as up-to-date as possible to develop effective sales strategies and select suppliers with minimum risk.

The outcome of our investigations? A snapshot of what really matters!

Case History

Grant or not a supply?

Direct investigation on the business before granting the credit

Unexplained payment delays

Extensive investigation before granting the credit

Supply blocked? The zero credit

Investigations before extending the insurance credit line



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