Suppliers Check

Supplier audits are a strategic tool for assessing the supply chain and for the selection of new suppliers. This monitoring and control activity require time and specific skills: it is therefore advantageous to use external professionals to entrust this important activity.

If you need an analysis that makes you understand how the organization investigated is able to ensure the agreed supplies or if conditions exist that could compromise the continuity of the supply, contact Reporting System. At the end of our investigation process you will be provided with detailed reports containing exclusive information that will help you shed light on possible risks of financial, economic and legal nature: in short, a real snapshot of the company.

Who is this targeted to

Who can benefit most from our solution?

  • CPO
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Buyers

Why opt for this Reporting System solution?

  • To have a better ability to select and review suppliers
  • To improve the supply conditions (thanks to a more in-depth knowledge of the supplier)
  • To understand what lies behind possible delivery delays
  • For the verification of contentious situations

Case History

The importance of security

Risk & Fraud management

What if the credit is not sufficient?

Solution Investigation before extending the insurance credit line

Unexplained payment delays

Extensive investigation before granting the credit

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