Reputational analysis

To minimize losses and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a business, each company needs to identify, monitor and eliminate the risks associated with it. However, what is the real probability that a given situation will occur? Is there a way to avoid it or reduce its effects? What will be the impact of this risk on the business? These are questions that not everyone is able to answer as several variables come into play in a risk analysis, some of which are difficult to monitor.

Reputational investigations conducted by Reporting System will guarantee you key information for optimal risk management, which is the basis for the creation and preservation of corporate value and all its stakeholders.

Who is this targeted to

Who can benefit most from our solution?

  • Risk Manager
  • Fraud Manager
  • Company Security Managers
  • Anti-Fraud Directors

Why opt for this Reporting System solution?

  • More in-depth investigations have more chances to prevent scams
  • To identify legal and reputational risks
  • For the absolute confidentiality when conducting investigations

Case History

Grant or not a supply?

Direct investigation on the business before granting the credit

Unexplained payment delays

Extensive investigation before granting the credit

When the best price is not everything

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