Do you really have control over your information?

What if the information you need is the only one you don’t have?

What do we do

The assessment of the sustainability and solvency of a company cannot be based solely on the verification of publicly available data, especially if it is a client or an important supplier. Being able to rely on complete and up-to-date information and on supplementary assessment tools that enable effective decisions to be made quickly is therefore essential.

Reporting System – in possession of a regular license emitted from the public authority for private investigation activities as per article 134 of the T.U.L.P.S. – offers tailored solutions developing real partnerships with customers and guaranteeing immediate and personalized assistance..

Solutions thought for you

Pre loan investigation

Further investigations
on overdrafts




Methods and benefits

Our investigation team is able to offer a tailored service and information “beyond real time” thanks to a structured approach that involves the following phases:


Through a first free consultation we identify the real needs of our clients to be able to provide them with a FAST AND HIGHLY PERSONALIZED SERVICE


We use confidential, up-to-date and secure information to highlight the actual economic and financial performance of the company as it really is.



At the end of our investigations we provide a detailed report containing exclusive information, to be managed and used to be SUCCESSFULLY COMPETITIVE IN THE MARKET



Those who daily experience the need for quality information will be personally assisted


Our clients

Companies Chief Financial Officers, Credit Managers, Credit Specialists e Business Managers responsible for corporate credit management.

All the individuals who carry outprocurement activitiesand manage the selection and review of current or potential suppliers.

Risk e Fraud Manager, responsible for corporate security

Gli Law firms e i Merger & Acquisitions Advisors who need a clear vision about the DNA of the investigated company.

Case History

Grant or not a supply?

Direct investigation on the business before granting the credit

Unexplained payment delays

Extensive investigation before granting the credit

Supply blocked? The zero credit

Investigations before extending the insurance credit line

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